November 04, 2010

Just How Much Did the Public Hear About Issues Related to Anonymous Donations and Voter Registration/Voter Fraud Issues?

From a Pew Research Center study of what voters heard in the period just before the election:

    Six-in-ten had heard at least a little about spending on campaigns by groups with funding from anonymous donors. About a quarter (27%) said they heard a lot about this, while 33% said they heard a little. Four-in-ten (40%) had heard nothing at all.

    Two-in-ten (20%) said they had heard a lot before Election Day about potential problems with the accuracy of voter registration records and concerns about voter fraud or suppression. About a third (34%) had heard a little about this, while 45% said they had heard nothing at all.

There's an interesting partisan breakdown too. More Democrats than Republicans heard "a lot" about the anonymous donor issue. More Republicans than Democrats heard "a lot" about potential voting problems.

Posted by Rick Hasen at November 4, 2010 09:25 AM