December 08, 2008

Slides on Internet Fundraising and Campaigning

Sorry to interrupt Dan Tokaji's great guest blogging gig. I'm here in Chicago, speaking at the Cogel conference. I'm on a panel on "Internet Fundraising and Campaigning" with Bob Bauer, Rosie Smith of the FEC, Diane Davidson of Elections Canada, and Lisa Klein of the UK electoral commission.

I am posting my conference presentation slides here. I am focusing on micro-donors (relying on CFI data) and the challenges for regulators as television and the Internet converge. (I have more on small donors in this draft paper.)

One of the points I'll be talking about is micro-donor disclosure, which continues to garner conspiracy theories about micro-donor donations, which are not reported to the FEC.

Though some have suggested that Congress expand public disclosure requirements for micro-donors (i.e., donors giving under $200 in the aggregate during an election), I think this raises both privacy concerns and administrative problems. Instead, to deal with potential problems of excessive or illegal contributions, I propose that Congress revise FECA to require disclosure of all donors to the FEC, with the data not released publicly, and require that this aspect of every campaign be subject to automatic audit.

Posted by Rick Hasen at December 8, 2008 08:08 AM