April 30, 2008

More Articles and Commentaries on Crawford

Check out this second NPR report by Nina Totenberg. I was struck by the comments of both Rick Pildes and Pam Karlan. I disagree with both of them, but would want to hear more from them on their points. (As an aside, a double congratulations to Rick!)

I also did this extensive NPR interview on the case with the Bryant Park Project.

David Savage has an interesting piece on the demise of facial challenges in this morning's LA Times.

Ned Foley and Dan Tokaji have characteristically thoughtful pieces on the case.

Bob Bauer weighs in here and here.

John Fund's WSJ column is here.

MSNBC offers A Timely Reminder from Justice Stevens.

And Richard Samp has this guest post on SCOTUSblog.

Posted by Rick Hasen at April 30, 2008 08:54 AM