June 14, 2007

Thor Hearne Finally Speaks (But Says Virtually Nothing) on ACVR's Disappearance

The only journalist Thor Hearne is speaking to is St. Louis Post Dispatch Reporter Jo Mannies. She finally gets him on the record on the disappearance of ACVR. See here. Hearne's response to all the controversy:

    Hearne replied Wednesday that the answer is simple, and there's no conspiracy afoot. The marketing department at Hearne's law firm, Lathrop & Gage, is the culprit. Hearne said the firm has removed all Internet references to his ties to the center because it's no longer a client. No other reason.

    Hasen noted that other former clients remain in Hearne's online bio.

    As for the center itself, Hearne said he couldn't speak to the disappearance of its website or its own Wikipedia entry. But he did deny the critics' assertions, once featured on Wikipedia, that the center had ties to the White House.

Couldn't speak to the disappearance of the website? That strains all credulity for the person who was the public face of the organization and the brains behind the operation. A law firm partner who doesn't know who at his law firm is editing the Wikipedia entry about him?

My initial Slate column on the disappearance of ACVR is here. My follow up column on Hearne/wikipedia, Hans von Spakovsky, and Bradley Schlozman is here.

Posted by Rick Hasen at June 14, 2007 06:26 AM