May 04, 2007

Only in Texas....

Election law aficionados will remember the battle over Texas re-redistricting, which included Democrats leaving the state to try to deprive Republicans of a quorum to pass the redistricting law, and Tom DeLay trying to use the FAA to track down the legislators. Much more on this from Steve Bickerstaff's Lines in the Sand.

Now comes this AP report: "A clash between Democrats and Republicans over what forms of identification Texans must show to cast a ballot is heading toward a Senate showdown, and an ailing Democrat appears to hold the pivotal vote. Sen. Mario Gallegos Jr. of Houston, who's been away from the Capitol most of the legislative session after a liver transplant, showed up in the Senate on Thursday to join a bloc of Democrats opposing the voter ID bill. Under Senate rules, two-thirds of the chamber, or 21 senators, must agree to bring a bill up for debate. With Gallegos present, the 11 Democrats have enough power to block it."

Posted by Rick Hasen at May 4, 2007 09:47 AM