January 05, 2007

Back from Successful AALS Panel

Yesterday's panel at AALS on the Roberts Court and the Future of Court Regulation of Politics was a great success. Richard Briffault, Heather Gerken and Rick Pildes presented interesting papers, and Kareem Crayton and I provided commentary. It was a standing-only crowd in the room. At some point a podcast of the event will be put on the AALS website and I'll provide a link. The papers also should be posted there as well at some point.

The Legislation section then voted to change the name of the section to "Legislation and the Law of the Political Process," to reflect the fact that the section is interested in election law issues in addition to traditional issues related to legislation. Charles Tiefer was elected as new chair of the section, and Guy Charles as Chair elect.

Posted by Rick Hasen at January 5, 2007 09:09 AM