John Eastman, in National Review Interview, Tries to Distance Himself from His Own Memo Suggesting How VP Pence Could Steal the Election for Trump, Repudiates Its Major Points

Signs that Eastman is getting increasingly desperate to distance himself from his false claims that the election was stolen from Trump and that VP Pence could unilaterally steal it back for him when Congress was supposed to confirm the Electoral… Continue reading

John Eastman Says That FedSoc Did Not Revoke His Membership or Ask Him to Step Down From Leadership Position (But He Does Complain About Lack of Invitation to Speak at National Conference and Being Disinvited from Other Events)

Over at Powerline: This is John Eastman’s account of the facts bearing on the Federalist Society reflected in the Claremont Institute statement quoted in my post: 1. I was disinvited from the scholars retreat, on the ground that I… Continue reading

Claremont Institute, Lying About What John Eastman Proposed to Do In the 2020 Election (Have the VP Stage a Coup), Complains About Federalist Society Shutting Eastman Out of Annual Conference

Here is the mendacious statement. Steve Vladeck: It is good to see that the Federalist Society is holding the line on including Eastman, despite their poor behavior in relation to him before: Update: MORE from Aaron Blake in… Continue reading