“House Administration Committee Votes To Eliminate Subcommittee on Elections”

Bloomberg BNA: “The House Elections Subcommittee, which handled campaign finance and other election-related issues in previous Congresses, has been eliminated in the new, 113th Congress, according to rules adopted Feb. 5 by the House Administration Committee. Rep. Candice Miller (R-Mich.), the committee chairman, said that all matters previously handled by the Elections Subcommittee would now be handled directly by the full House Administration Committee.”

More: “Miller issued a statement last month saying Republican lawmakers continue to support simple elimination of the existing public financing system for presidential elections, as well as abolition of the EAC, the national clearinghouse that helps state and local officials improve voting systems. She said these moves would save taxpayers nearly $500 million and return $199 million to the U.S. Treasury.”

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