DOJ’s John Gore Said in His Deposition That One of the Purposes of Collecting Citizenship Data on the Census Forms is To Let States Draw Districts with Equal Numbers of Eligible Voters (Which Hurts Hispanics and Democratic Voters)

The other day I tweeted this:

I’ve since been pointed to pages 180-81 of John Gore’s deposition in the census case, where he appears to acknowledge that one of DOJ’s purposes early on in asking for the citizenship question to go on the census was to allow jurisdictions to draw districts with equal numbers of voter eligible persons (as opposed to total population, which would hurt Hispanic voters and Democrats). Look especially at the last sentence of the excerpt below:

With all the debate over the Hofeller stuff, let’s not forget that there is really no credible evidence DOJ wanted the question added to the census to help Hispanic voters in Voting Rights Act section 2 cases (which the Trump DOJ has never brought). The intention is only to hurt Hispanic voters, whether or not the Hofeller evidence ever gets before the Supreme Court.


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