October 12, 2010

"After the Other Shoe Drops"

I've written this blog post at The American Interest Online. It is a follow up to my American Interest article on Citizens United in the July/August issue. In that article, written in June, I wrote:

    But it is easier to understate the importance of the case. First, it has become apparent that corporations and trade associations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, now feel as though a cloud has been lifted on their election-related activities. What was of questionable legality before is clearly legal now. Full-blown corporate involvement in Federal elections likely awaits the striking down of rules prohibiting corporations from making contributions to independent expenditure committees, so that corporations will not risk losing their customers by identifying with one side or the other in a candidate election. They will hide behind groups with innocuous names like "Americans for a Strong America" and other such anodyne labels.

Posted by Rick Hasen at October 12, 2010 08:25 AM