September 13, 2010

"Justice Department IG to investigate voting rights section"

The Washington Examiner has this news about the letter from the DOJ IG. It states that the review will examine "the types of cases brought by the Voting Section and any changes in these types of cases over time; any changes in Voting Section enforcement policies or procedures over time; whether the Voting Section has enforced the civil rights laws in a non-discriminatory manner; and whether any Voting Section employees have been harassed for participating in the investigation or prosecution of particular matters." (More from TPM.)

Given the extensive controversy that has swirled around the Voting Section since the George W. Bush Administration (and that has continued, albeit by a different set of complaining parties, with the Obama Administration), I think this is a good development. So long as people are convinced that the IG is politically independent and will do a fair job, then everyone should welcome this report, whatever its ultimate conclusions.

Posted by Rick Hasen at September 13, 2010 09:21 PM