September 08, 2009

One Final Pre-Argument Citizens United Resources and Roundup

Tomorrow is the reargument in the Citizens United case. You can read my Slate piece, written the day the Court ordered reargument here and my ABA Supreme Court preview is here. (My forthcoming Supreme Court Review article contrasts the Court's use of constitutional avoidance in NAMUDNO, the recent Voting Rights Act case, with the Court's use of "anti-avoidance" in the Citizens United oral argument order.) Tonight my final pre-argument thoughts about the case will be posted at the NY Times' "Room for Debate" forum. Tomorrow morning I will live blog the audio release of the oral argument at the Election Law Blog. I expect this will be some time between 11:30 and 12 pm Eastern. At 3 pm Eastern tomorrow, I will do a live chat at Politico's Arena. (You can find all of my blog posts on Citizens United case, linking to others news stories and commentaries, here).

Here is a final roundup of news and commentaries on the case:

USA Today

Ted Olson (WSJ) (likely previewing the opening of his comments at oral argument tomorrow)

Doug Kendall (LAT)

Washington Post (on stare decisis and CU)

New York Times (editorial)

Roll Call

Washington Independent

The Hill

Politico's Arena (many opinions)


Steve Simpson (Institute for Justice)

Posted by Rick Hasen at September 8, 2009 08:58 AM