May 19, 2007

"Voter Fraud" Scandal Update

Next week could see the passage of the Texas voter id bill, if Sen. Gallegos's health issues persist.

In linking yesterday to this Houston Chronicle column by Kristen Mack, I neglected to highlight perhaps the most important sentence in the piece: "Among Republicans it is an 'article of religious faith that voter fraud is causing us to lose elections,' [Royal] Masset[, former political director of the Republican Party of Texas,] said. He doesn't agree with that, but does believe that requiring photo IDs could cause enough of a dropoff in legitimate Democratic voting to add 3 percent to the Republican vote."

The LA Times has this must-read report on a lunch that now-fired New Mexico U.S. attorney David Iglesias had with Patrick Rogers, who was a strong critic of Iglesias's handling of voter fraud allegations.

Jonathan Adler posted a link to my Slate piece on the demise of the American Center for Voting Rights, prompting some interesting reader reactions. Brad Friedman's reactions are here.

Posted by Rick Hasen at May 19, 2007 10:07 AM