April 13, 2007

Others' Comments on The NY Times Articles on the EAC, DOJ, and Voter Fraud

Following up on NY Times articles here and here, here are some additional reflections:

Doug Chapin

Paul Gronke (on why peer review matters)

Marcia Oddi

My earlier comments on these stories are here and here. I know of other stories and commentaries in the works, and I'll link to them when they appear.

In somewhat related news, Paul Kiel has written Did Rove Want Wisconsin U.S.A. on Purge List? for TPM Muckracker. It begins: "Here's what the evidence shows. Karl Rove wanted evidence that there had been a Democratic criminal conspiracy to stuff the ballot box in Milwaukee and New Mexico in 2004. But the U.S. attorneys there didn't deliver. In the case of New Mexico's David Iglesias, that likely cost him his job. Wisconsin's Steve Biskupic only avoided being fired by the skin of his teeth."

Posted by Rick Hasen at April 13, 2007 08:56 AM