April 09, 2007

Ever More on Bush v. Gore

Ned Foley has written The Future of Bush v. Gore for an Ohio State Law Journal election law symposium (my contribution to that symposium is on campaign finance, specifically Randall v. Sorrell). I have already linked to Dan Lowenstein's commentary on Ned's paper.

Dan Tokaji also has a piece in this symposium that relates to Bush v. Gore: Leave it to the Lower Courts: On Judicial Intervention in Election Administration.

I have read each of these papers as I prepared my own draft article, "The Untimely Death of Bush v. Gore" (forthcoming Stanford Law Review) and highly recommend each of them (though there is a good bit I disagree with in each---more on that in the final version of my article). Meanwhile, Bob Bauer responds to my point about whether Bush v. Gore's election reform moment is passing quickly.

You also should not miss Jan Crawford Greenberg talking about Bush v. Gore.

Posted by Rick Hasen at April 9, 2007 09:02 AM