November 08, 2006

Virginia Update: It Appears Over

I'm sticking with my earlier view (see also here) that the Virginia Senate race appears essentially over, despite Sen. Allen's spokesperson saying that "the senator will wait for the results of a statewide process called a canvass, in which the preliminary tallies from Tuesday night are confirmed during the next several days." The spokesman said the Senator believes the canvass could change the vote tallies in his favor, but it is hard to see how unless some unrevealed glitch in ballot counting has taken place. An earlier report stated that Sen. Allen would wait until Nov. 27, when the results become final and a recount is possible, before potentially conceding. But rumors fly that Allen may give up sooner. Perhaps, if he continues to have presidential ambitions and does not want to be called a hypocrite, Allen will bow out gracefully. (Again, this assumes his lawyers have not found something that really could change the outcome of the election.)

Slate has put up this Explainer of recount procedures that does not contain any new information for readers of this blog and the Moritz site, but it is a good general introduction. The New York Times quotes Sen. Allen's spokesperson as saying that Democrats are trying to use lawyers to affect the outcome. The basis for this statement is unclear, and it is of course ironic given that it is Sen. Allen who would have to get the legal machinery going to bring any recount or contest.

Posted by Rick Hasen at November 8, 2006 02:34 PM