October 25, 2006

More News and Commentary on Purcell and Voter ID Disputes

Steve Huefner has written Purcell's Implications on Pre-Election Litigation.

Tova Wang has written Voter Confusion.

Bob Bauer has written Count the Votes: But Don't Close the Courts or Get Rid of the Lawyers.

Robbin Stewart responds to this Wall Street Journal editorial I linked to yesterday.

Orin Kerr responds to my Slate commentary by drawing a parallel to Court deference on the question of the "appearance of corruption" in campaign finance cases. Writes Orin: "If the Court is going to defer to the legislature's guess that campaign finance reform makes elections less corrupt, they can't then decline to defer to the legislature's guess that voter ID laws make elections less corrupt." Time will tell whether a majority on the Roberts court will continue to defer on the campaign finance question.

Posted by Rick Hasen at October 25, 2006 08:39 AM