October 24, 2006

"Virginia Ballot Glitch Chops Names"

AP offers this report, which begins: " U.S. Senate candidate James H. 'Jim' Webb has lost his last name on electronic ballots in three Virginia cities where election computers can't cope with long names. The glitch in Alexandria, Falls Church and Charlottesville also affects other candidates with long names, officials said. Webb, a Democrat, appears with his full name on the ballot page where voters make their choices. The error -- referring to him only as James H. ''Jim' -- shows up on a summary page, where voters are supposed to review their selections."

Assuming this problem cannot be remedied, I wonder if Democrats would like signs to be put up at polling places explaining that a vote for "James H. 'Jim'" counts as a vote for James Webb. Seems like only the fair thing to do.

Posted by Rick Hasen at October 24, 2006 12:09 PM