June 26, 2006

And in other news today....

Roll Call offers Texas Decision Due This Week; Parties Brace for Fallout and Voting Fraud Bill Gets Cool Reception at Panel. (paid subscription required) (On the second matter, see also this post by Dan Tokaji.)

AP offers DeLay Testifies He Lives in Va., part of the dispute over whether DeLay is ineligible to appear on the Texas ballot in November.

AP offers Congress Urged to Renew Voting Rights Act. At a press conference today, President Bush made the following remarks on VRA renewal:

    Q Mr. President, what are you doing to ensure that the Voting Rights Act is reauthorized by the midterm elections, as you're saying that's one of your top priorities? And also, do you support foreign ballots -- foreign language ballots?

    THE PRESIDENT: I am working very carefully with members of Congress to implement that which I said when I signed the proclamation for Rosa Parks, is I want this Voting Rights Act extended. And so we're working with members of the United States Congress to see if we can't get it done.

There was no follow up reported on the section 203 issue.

Fourth Circuit oral argument audio in the Virginia [corrected from Mississppi] primary case is here.

Bloomberg offers this report on the Vermont campaign finance decision. Blog commentary by Allison Hayward, Bob Bauer, and the Campaign Legal Center. More to come.

Posted by Rick Hasen at June 26, 2006 01:48 PM