April 26, 2005

Election Law Journal 4:2 Now Available

You can find the table of contents for the latest issue here. Those of you who think you've read everything there is to read about the Florida 2000 controversy should not miss Diane Mazur's new article on military votes, and Allison Hayward and FEC Commissioner Brad Smith weigh in on 527 regulation by the FEC. There's also a symposium on Dennis Thompson's Just Elections, with contributions by Bruce Cain, Beth Garrett, Andy Sabl, and a reply by Dennis Thompson.

Look for ELJ 4:3 in July, with Apollonio and Carne on "magic words" in campaign financing, Kieran Williams on judicial review of electoral thresholds, and book reviews by Charles Bullock, Chandler Davidson, Michael Kang, and Ray LaRaja.

Posted by Rick Hasen at April 26, 2005 07:06 AM