July 14, 2004

Do Dimpled Chads Count in Ohio?

Don't think that Florida 2000 is completely behind us. Ohio is a battleground state where the vote could be close, and a number of Ohio counties will be voting with punch card machines. See this USA Today story, this A.P. story and this post by Dan Tokaji entitled "Ohio: An Election-Day Disaster in the Making?"
UPDATE: On my dimpled chad question, Dan Tokaji writes: "The answer is no. Ohio RC 3515.04 requires that at least two corners of the chad be detached: 'If a county used punch card ballots and if a chad is attached to a punch card ballot by three or four corners, the voter shall be deemed by the board not to have recorded a candidate, question, or issue choice at the particular position on the ballot, and a vote shall not be counted at that particular position on the ballot in the recount.' The Ohio Revised Code can be found here."

Posted by Rick Hasen at July 14, 2004 07:11 AM