November 10, 2003

BCRA (McCain-Feingold) Opinion Wednesday?

The Supreme Court clerk's office has indicated that opinions (in a pending case or cases) will issue Wednesday. It is certainly possible, though by no means certain, that the BCRA (McCain-Feingold) decision will be among them. The sooner the better, given how the 2004 election season is gearing up. BNA's Money and Politics report notes that "Ad restrictions in the presidential election will come into effect next month in the 30-day periods prior to a January presidential primary in the District of Columbia, the Iowa presidential caucus, and the New Hampshire primary, according to the FEC. But the electioneering communication provisions were in effect from Oct. 10 in Puerto Rico, prior to that U.S. commonwealth's Nov. 9 primary election for a congressional delegate." Those ad restrictions are challenged in the BCRA case.

Posted by Rick Hasen at November 10, 2003 10:41 AM