Texas Redistricting Cases Could Be Issued as Early as Tomorrow, and Justice Thomas or Alito Could Well Have the Court’s Opinion

The Supreme Court issued four opinions today, and signalled a rare Friday opinion release tomorrow with 10 cases remaining. The Court is likely to finish its term and release of the remaining opinions some time next week.

Only three Justices have not yet written for the April sitting—the Chief Justice, and Justices Thomas and Alito. The travel ban case is pending, and I expect the Chief Justice will have that opinion if he is in the majority.

That means it is likely, but not certain, that Justices Alito or Thomas have the Texas redistricting cases if there is a majority opinion. That would likely not be good news for voting rights plaintiffs.

But this term has been a strange one full of punts and unusual configurations of Justices. So we will have to wait and see.


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