“Are congressional Democrats lying their way to riches?”


Last month, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sent supporters an email. Subject line: “NOT asking you for money.”

Open the email and Pelosi scolds Republicans for “playing politics with our national security.” She urges you to click a link if you agree. The link leads to a “Russia investigation survey,” which concludes with Pelosi doing exactly what she said wouldn’t do.

She asks you for money.

“Will you pitch in $3 (or more!) to help the DCCC support Democratic House candidates every step of the way to victory and flip the House in 2018?” Click, and a donation page pops up urging readers to “take the next step” and donate $15, or $100, or $1,000, or more.

The email was the latest among more than two dozen Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee-sponsored emails sent since January 2017 and reviewed by the Center for Public Integrity that woo potential suitors with the same false promise.


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