Losing Kentucky Candidate Claims Voter Fraud, But It May Be That Eligible Voters Were Incorrectly Purged from Voter Rolls


An hour after being defeated by Linda Belcher in a special election in Bullitt County Tuesday night, a spokesman for Rebecca Johnson said she is claiming voter fraud.

“The big story out of Bullitt County appears to be voter fraud,” David Adams, Johnson’s campaign manager said in a text message.

Belcher secured 68.45 percent of the vote, according to the Bullitt County Clerk’s office. Rebecca Johnson, Dan Johnson’s widow, secured 31.55 percent. There were 4,947 votes cast.

Johnson, however, claims that numerous people were turned away as being ineligible to vote at their local polling place.

“I’ve heard from people all day long saying they went to vote for me at the correct polling place and were refused the opportunity to vote,” Johnson said in a statement. “It’s like we are in a third world country.”

The Bullitt County Clerk’s Office did not respond to a request for comment after the election results were announced.


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