Republican Party Funds Amicus Brief of Six Republican Secretaries of State (Including AL SOS John Merrill) Seeking to Stop Pennsylvania Redistricting Ordered by State Supreme Court to Cure Partisan Gerrymandering

Great find from Richard Winger:

The Secretaries of State of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and South Carolina have filed this amicus curiae brief in the U.S. Supreme Court in the Pennsylvania U.S. House lawsuit over partisan gerrymandering. This is the case in which the Pennsylvania Supreme Court invalidated the U.S. House district boundaries based on the Pennsylvania constitution. The Secretaries of State of these other six states want the U.S. Supreme Court to stay the decision of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

The Secretary of State of South Carolina, Mark Hammond, who signed this brief, is not even responsible for election administration in his state. In South Carolina the State Election Commission handles elections.

U.S. Supreme Court rules require that amicus briefs disclose who paid for the filing. This brief reveals that units of the Republican Party paid for it.

I’ve explained why I expect the Court to deny the request for a stay, especially given Justice Alito’s failure to ask for a response.


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