“Democratic group will spend $5 million to elect secretaries of state, the latest front in ‘voting wars’”

Dave Weigel for WaPo:

The left-leaning ballot access group iVote will spend at least $5 million across swing states to elect Democratic secretaries of state — the latest front in the “voting wars” that Democrats worried they have been losing.

“Republicans have understood the importance of the office,” said iVote president and founder, Ellen Kurz. “There isn’t a single Democratic swing state secretary of state. And dozens of states have taken away opportunities to vote, purged voter rolls and disenfranchised certain voters every year.”

This year, iVote will focus on electing Democrats as the chief election officials in seven swing states: Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, and Ohio. Only one of those states, New Mexico, has a Democratic secretary of state.


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