Today’s Humor Section: Kobach Tells Breitbart Action by DHS to Continue Voter Fraud Witch Hunt Won’t Be Stalled Through Litigation

Breitbart exclusive interview with Kobach:

“They have absolutely no interest in stopping voter fraud,” Kobach said. “It’s truly extraordinary that one party in our system has made clear that they don’t care.”

“Some people on the Left were getting uncomfortable about how much we were finding out,” Kobach continued.

Thus far, the voter fraud commission has revealed:

  • 938 convictions for voter fraud since the year 2000
  • Fewer than 1 in 100 cases ends in a conviction
  • In Kansas, alone, there are 127 known cases of non-citizen aliens registering to vote
  • In 21 states, there were 8,471 cases of double voting discovered

The commission will now more soundly operate without hold-ups in courts, lawsuits, and political battles, a move that Kobach says Democrats brought onto themselves.

“The investigations will continue now, but they won’t be able to stall if through litigation,” Kobach told Breitbart News.

“The investigation will continue. And it will continue more efficiently and more effectively,” Kobach said. “By throwing their food in the air, they just lost their seat at the table.

To be clear, the Commission made no such findings. There were never any findings adopted by the Commission.

And if DHS tries to do what the Commission did, I expect continued legal action.


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