“Virginia officials will randomly pick winner of tied House of Delegates race on Dec. 27”

Virginian Pilot:

Politicos, mark your calendars for Wednesday Dec. 27.

That’s the day the Virginia Board of Elections will randomly pick the winner of the high stakes and tied 94th House District race.

The impact? Which party controls the House of Delegates and major policy decisions could be on the line.

 After a recount and a court battle over one irregular, uncounted ballot, Del. David Yancey (R-Newport News) and Democratic challenger Shelly Simonds each have 11,608 votes….
The winner of the race is so significant because it will determine the political control of the House of Delegates. If Yancey wins, Republicans maintain a 51-49 majority. If Simonds wins, it ushers in a new era of politics where both parties will share power.
The disputed ballot brought back memories not only of Bush v. Gore but of Minnesota’s Lizard People:

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