“A Vote Is a Terrible Thing to Waste”


Breitbart was the Senate Democrats’ point man for redistricting. But though he grew up in a Democratic household and still identifies with its values, he’s not exactly fond of his native political party.

“Legislative redistricting in New York isn’t a question of Democrats versus Republicans — it’s more like Bolsheviks versus Mensheviks,” he said. “The two majority parties combine to preserve their interests as majorities against the minorities in their respective houses.”

In evoking the factional split in the early Soviet Union, Breitbart isn’t suggesting Democrats and Republicans are like two different types of Communists. He’s saying that both parties are like Bolsheviks in that they’re so dedicated to majority rule in one house – the Democrats in the Assembly and the Republicans in the Senate — that they’ll sacrifice many members to permanent minority, or Menshevik, status in the other house. (Although that beats imprisonment, exile and execution, which the Bolsheviks wreaked upon the Mensheviks.)


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