“A Supreme Court mystery: Has Roberts embraced same-sex marriage ruling?”

Bob Barnes for WaPo:

A Supreme Court mystery: Has Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. embraced the court’s same-sex marriage decision that he so passionately protested two years ago?

The “does-he-doesn’t-he” question is prompted by a case that the court decided without oral arguments at the end of the recently completed term. The justices ruled in favor of same-sex couples, but did so in a way that has turned those who closely follow the court’s actions into a debating society.

And the answer could be important for more than curiosity’s sake. The court has accepted for its next term a case dealing with whether business owners must provide services for same-sex unions even if they are religiously opposed, and the nation’s courts are filling with cases about how far the 2015 same-sex marriage ruling extends.

The article discusses a debate among Erwin Chemerinsky, Leah Litman, and Judge Alex Kozinski at the recent UCI Law Supreme Court term in review event.


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