“Will Republicans Continue To Fight Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission When It Costs Them Something?”

Elie Mystal:

You’ll note the dangerous assumption in Professor Hasen’s argument. He thinks “serious” Republicans and Democrats will have the backbone to stand up to the administration when it comes time for the commission to kill what it was put on this Earth to destroy. That’s wishful thinking, to my eyes. I have long passed the point where I expect any thoughtful resistance from elected Democrats and Republicans. If there is an aggrieved and easily confused white person out there, both parties have shown a willingness to sell the whole store to get that person’s vote.

But the refusal of states to fully comply with the Commission’s requests is really solid evidence for Professor Hasen’s hope. State elected officials are proud of their elections and committed to their integrity. They really might not roll over and let the federal government tell them that they’re all potentially corrupt. One has to take a step back and realize how INSANE it is for Trump to be questioning the integrity of an election that he’s already won, even as his campaign is being investigated for conspiring with a foreign government to steal it.


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