Most Prominent Democratic Member of Pence-Kobach Commission, Maine SOS Dunlap, Surprised by Reaction to Letter Requesting Voting Info


Despite the backlash, Dunlap said he didn’t think the letter was mishandled, nor did he believe outrage was based on a misunderstanding of the kind of information the commission was requesting.

“People are very sensitive about their voter data. Much more so than I think many of us had calculated up until now,” he said. “I think it speaks more to the polarization of the country as to how it was received. I think maybe that was underestimated a little bit by everybody, including me.”

I think this naivete explains why he agreed to join the commission while it appears other prominent Democrats apparently declined.

It’s not too late for Dunlap to resign.  Another commissioner, Luis Borunda, resigned without explanation a few days ago.


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