Misguided ME SOS Dunlap: “Dem Tapped For Trump Voter Fraud Panel: I’ll ‘Speak Up’ If It’s A ‘Trojan Horse’”


One of the Democrats slated to be on President Trump’s so-called “elections integrity” commission is already warning that he will “speak up” if it becomes a “Trojan horse” for infringing on the right to vote.

“If they take nothing and conflate it into something, I think being part of the commission is a good place to be in order to correct that record,” Maine’s Secretary of State Matt Dunlap told TPM in a phone interview Thursday.

Dunlap confirmed reports that he was likely to serve on the commission and said he is just finishing up the paperwork.

“I’ve been asked to be a part of it and my inclination is to do it,” Dunlap said.

If I were a Maine voter, I’d be calling Dunlap’s office and say he’s being used, and no commission without bipartisan support and headed by a voting rights charlatan is worth his participation.


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