“Donald Trump’s indefensible claims of rampant voter fraud are now White House policy”

The Fix:

On Tuesday, the situation got worse. Press secretary Sean Spicer, asked to defend Trump’s illegal-vote comments, tried to claim that the claims were rooted in evidence.

There are no studies and no evidence that there is widespread voter fraud in general, much less from the 2016 election. (An election, we will remind you, in which a great deal of attention was paid to the possibility of fraud, given Trump’s having raised it before Election Day — probably because he expected to lose.)…

The most telling demonstration that Trump’s numbers and Spicer’s defense are nonsensical, though, came from a follow-up question posed to the press secretary. If millions of people voted illegally, Spicer was asked, wouldn’t that demand an investigation into the integrity of the election? (Such an investigation, of course, might put at risk Trump’s narrow margin of victory.)

“He won fairly,” Spicer said of his boss.

Ironically, this, at least, was true.


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