“Democrats already are trying to get out the vote for 2020”

Ariane de Vogue for CNN:

Even before President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, top Democrats — including President Barack Obama — are already launching efforts to reshape the electoral landscape.

Faced with a stinging loss at the polls, a conservative-leaning Supreme Court and an incoming attorney general who testified this week about the dangers of voter fraud, Democrats are starting early to change the legal terrain in four years.
On Thursday, former Attorney General Eric Holder vowed, jokingly, “to make redistricting sexy.” The comments came at a news conference held to launch a new group called the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. Holder said Obama has told him that he wants to dedicate a part of his post administration life to the issue.
The plans discussed are two-fold: a comprehensive redistricting strategy ahead of the 2020 census and new efforts to combat laws that progressives believe are veiled attempts to suppress the vote.

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