“First New Yorker prosecuted for voter fraud since 1873 exonerated in 20-year legal battle”


The first New Yorker prosecuted for voter fraud since Susan B. Anthony in 1873 was exonerated of all charges Thursday to end a bitter 20-year legal battle.

“It feels great,” said attorney John O’Hara as he left Brooklyn Supreme Court. “When you’re a convicted felon, it’s like you’re a second-class citizen. We are going to go have a chicken quesadilla.”

O’Hara’s protracted fight for vindication ended when the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Conviction Review Unit looked at his case and reversed his voter fraud conviction.

O’Hara, a political outsider and thorn in the side of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, long claimed that his prosecution by then-DA Charles J. Hynes was politically motivated.


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