“‘Soft Money’ Challenge Heads to Supreme Court”

Bloomberg BNA:

The Supreme Court has been asked formally to review a challenge to restrictions on “soft money” contributions to political parties—the last remaining major element of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law passed in 2002.

The filing of a “jurisdictional statement” appealing to the high court had been expected since a lower court ruling last fall, which rejected the soft money challenge launched by the Republican Party of Louisiana. The party committee sued the Federal Election Commission, the agency that enforces restrictions on campaign money to national, state and local parties…..

How DOJ handles this case under the administration of President-elect Donald Trump could provide an early indication of whether the new administration is prepared to uphold and enforce campaign finance restrictions, which many Republicans have criticized in the past.

See my Nov. 7, 2016 post, Three-Judge Court Rejects Challenge to McCain-Feingold Soft Money Issues, Teeing Up Issue for (New) Supreme Court and my August 2015 NLJ oped, The McCain-Feingold Act May Doom Itself



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