ELB Quick Hits

Kevin J. Hamilton and Jonathan S. Berkon in WaPo oped: “The inconvenient fact is, actual voter fraud is vanishingly rare in American politics. The McCrory campaign backed more than 50 county-level “protests” alleging fraud, and almost all of them were unceremoniously dismissed by Republican-dominated election boards. But the so-called voter fraud taint lives on. Even in his brief concession speech, McCrory spoke of ‘continued questions that should be answered regarding the voting process.'”

Seth Barrett Tillman argues it is much more uncertain than Eisen, Painter, and Tribe say whether the President is bound by the Foreign Emoluments Clause.

Poliitco: Trump rewards big donors with jobs and access:

More than a third of the almost 200 people who have met with President-elect Donald Trump since his election last month, including those interviewing for administration jobs, gave large amounts of money to support his campaign and other Republicans this election cycle.

Together the 73 donors contributed $1.7 million to Trump and groups supporting him, according to a POLITICO analysis of Federal Election Commission records, and $57.3 million to the rest of the party, averaging more than $800,000 per donor.

E.J. Dionne argues against the Electoral College (and George Will’s defense of it) and for instant-runoff voting.

WaPo video: The civil rights case that haunts Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general

CPI reviews Election 2016 “by the numbers.”



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