“Longtime Maricopa Recorder Helen Purcell Defeated For Re-Election”

Doug Chapin:

As she prepares to hand the reins to her successor, I want to recognize Helen for her years of service not just to Maricopa voters but also to the national election community. I had the opportunity to tour the election office in Phoenix years ago, and was impressed at how well Helen and her team managed such a sprawling operation. Her tenure may not have ended the way she wanted, but her contributions to the field are considerable nonetheless. Thanks for your service, Recorder Purcell.

It will fascinating to see how Maricopa elections function under Recorder-elect Fontes – the attention on the office may have made it possible for him to win the job, but the hot (and intensely partisan) spotlight can be difficult to navigate once it finds you. He will have his hands full and I wish him well.


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