McConnell’s SuperPac to Save Republican Senate Gets $11 Million Infusion from Non-Disclosing 501(c)(4)

Teddy Schleifer for CNN:

The super PAC has flipped that money almost immediately into a new advertising push in a half-dozen states financed entirely by the late checks. Those contributions will not be reported until December, though many expect Sheldon Adelson, the top Republican giver who together with his wife donated $20 million to the PAC this summer, to have given more.
Prior said that One Nation — a nonprofit also part of the American Crossroads suite of big-money GOP groups — has also sent over an additional $11 million to to the super PAC, a maneuver that gives the network more flexibility in advertising. One Nation is not required to disclose its donors as long as it does not spend more than half of its money directly on elections, and Prior described it as “a part of One Nation’s political activity that’s allowed under the law.”

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