“Furman students wait for judge to decide whether they can vote”

Greenville News:

When West mailed her voter registration in to the office of Greenville County Voter Registration and Elections, she received a questionnaire in return. It had 11 questions that the county office said would help the local voter registration board decide whether she was truly qualified to vote in Greenville County. West refused to answer the questionnaire because she considers it invasive and unlawful. It had questions about where she banked, how involved she was in the community, where her vehicle was registered and where her parents live.

“It didn’t seem like something that I should have to fill out,” West said. “Something that my off-campus peers don’t have to fill out. I didn’t want to be treated differently and I was.”

Greenville County’s voter registration board sends the questionnaires only to college students who live on campus at colleges in the county. This includes students at Bob Jones University, North Greenville University and Greenville Technical College in addition to Furman. It also may affect some students at The Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities in Greenville.

Yeah, this sounds very suspect going only to students.


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