“Scott won’t extend voter registration deadline as Hurricane Matthew threatens state”


The final days of voter registration in Florida often brings out more people who register as Democrats or who, though they register as no-party-affiliation voters, fit the profile of a Democratic voter.

In 2012, for instance, more than 86,000 people registered to vote in the last eight days before the deadline — only 21 percent were Republican and 40 percent were Democrats; 38 percent were independents but many were young and/or minority, according to Daniel A. Smith, a University of Florida political science professor, who studies the state’s voter-registration rolls and trends.

President Barack Obama in 2012 won the state by just 74,309 votes, or less than a single percentage point.

“I think there’s a connection between what Rick Scott is doing and the numbers we see,” Smith said. “I don’t expect him to extend the voter-registration period because the tailed end of voter-registration drive tends to pick up those who are less politically engaged, who are younger and minority voters and that doesn’t bode well for the Republican Party.”



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