“Is the Supreme Court Clueless About Corruption? Ask Jack Abramoff”

Carl Hulse in the NYT: [corrected link]

Take it from a corrupt lobbyist: When it comes to peddling influence and buying politicians, the Supreme Court just doesn’t get it.

Jack Abramoff, the former superlobbyist who ended up in prison, said he fears the court’s unanimous decision to toss out the bribery conviction ofBob McDonnell, the ex-governor of Virginia, reflects a regrettable innocence about how things work in the real world.

“I continue to be concerned by what seems to be a lack of understanding on the part of the justices that a little bit of money can breed corruption,” Mr. Abramoff said when I asked him about the McDonnell case.

“When somebody petitioning a public servant for action provides any kind of extra resources — money or a gift or anything — that affects the process,” Mr. Abramoff said.

He should know.


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