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RECENT TOP PAPERS for all papers first announced in the last 60 days
13 Dec 2015 through 11 Feb 2016

Rank Downloads Paper Title
1 1,100 The Original Meaning of ‘Natural Born’
Michael D. Ramsey
University of San Diego School of Law
Date posted to database: 9 Jan 2016
Last Revised: 9 Jan 2016
2 90 Clearing the Political Thicket: Why Political Gerrymandering for Partisan Advantage is Unconstitutional
Gary Michael Parsons
Date posted to database: 4 Dec 2015
Last Revised: 8 Jan 2016
3 65 Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and a Disrupted Electoral College: High Unfavorable Ratings, Multi-Candidate General Election Ballots, and Pursuing the ‘Art of the Deal’ with Free-Agent Electors in December 2016
Victor Williams
Catholic University of America (CUA) – Columbus School of Law
Date posted to database: 4 Dec 2015
Last Revised: 9 Dec 2015
4 63 Speech-Facilitating Conduct
Wesley J. Campbell
Stanford Law School
Date posted to database: 1 Feb 2016
Last Revised: 1 Feb 2016
5 53 The Constitutionality of State Law Triggering Political Committee(-Like) Burdens and the Current Circuit Splits
Randy Elf
Date posted to database: 11 Jan 2016
Last Revised: 9 Feb 2016
6 45 The Amendment Diversion: How Clinton, the Democrats, and Even Sanders Distract Attention from Effective Strategies for Too Much Money in Politics by Promoting Futile Remedies — Book I: Hillary Clinton and the Dark Money Disclosure ‘Pillar’
Rob Hager
Date posted to database: 1 Feb 2016
Last Revised: 4 Feb 2016
7 44 A New Threat to the Viability of Contribution Limits
Brent Ferguson
New York University (NYU) – Brennan Center for Justice
Date posted to database: 20 Jan 2016
Last Revised: 20 Jan 2016
8 43 Assessing the Potential Impact of Evenwel v. Abbott
Carl Eoin Klarner
Date posted to database: 7 Dec 2015
Last Revised: 7 Dec 2015
9 40 The New Federal Analogy: Evenwel v. Abbott and the History of Congressional Apportionment
Thomas Berry
Stanford University, School of Law, Students
Date posted to database: 13 Dec 2015
Last Revised: 15 Dec 2015
10 29 Redistricting and Polarization
Micah Altman and Michael P. McDonald
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Libraries and University of Florida
Date posted to database: 5 Jan 2016
Last Revised: 5 Jan 2016

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