“She’s 86. She can’t get a photo ID. Look at the voter fraud we’ve prevented”

Peter St. Onge, in Charlotte Observer:

Reba Bowser seems like the kind of person North Carolina Republicans might want on their side this November.

She’s 86 years old. She’s a staunch Republican. She’s been a faithful voter since the Eisenhower administration, missing only the most recent election after moving from New Hampshire to western North Carolina to be close to her son’s family.

“Both my parents, they voted in every election,” that son, Ed Bowser, says. “My grandparents did, too. They took this seriously.”

So this month, with the North Carolina primary approaching, Reba wanted to make sure she could vote again. She needed to register, and she needed a valid photo ID, because beginning this year, North Carolina is requiring one to vote.


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