“The Koch Network Has Already Spent $400 Million In Run-Up To 2016”

Tarini Parti reports for Buzzfeed from the Koch meeting in CA.

Koch’s comments at a resort in the California desert were part of his opening remarks for the annual winter meeting of the network, which intends to spend $889 million on conservative causes and candidates in line with the brothers’ political philosophy in the two-year 2016 election cycle. The network — called Freedom Partners — already spent just under $400 million in 2015, a top official revealed Saturday.

In his remarks, Koch also laid out four priorities for the network that he believes will change the country.

“The first one is to change, reverse the policies that are moving us toward…a society that is destroying opportunities for the disadvantage and creating welfare for the wealthy,” he said.

“The second one is the irresponsible, destructive spending by both political parties that is making people’s lives worse. And the third one is to get government at all levels — that is local, state and federal — to focus on the government’s primary responsibility to keep America safe instead of being distracted with all sorts of other objectives…And last, but not least — protecting free speech, which is the foundation of a free society.”


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