“Politicians Sue Colorado Mom into Silence Over Newspaper Ads”


On January 21, 2016, a concerned Colorado citizen joined with the Institute for Justice (IJ) to file a federal lawsuit against the Colorado secretary of state, seeking to ensure that anyone in Colorado can speak freely about the political issues that matter to them without fear of being hauled off to court. The case isTammy Holland v. Wayne W. Williams.

Last September, Tammy Holland, a mom from Strasburg, Colorado, took out two ads in her local newspaper, The I-70 Scout. The ads alerted the public to an upcoming school board election and urged voters to familiarize themselves with all of the candidates, including the six candidates who would be competing with incumbent school board members. Tammy did not endorse any particular candidate; she just wanted voters to know their options. For the ads, Tammy found herself sued not once, but twice, by school board officials who sought to silence her speech.

See also this Paul Sherman oped in the Denver Post and this piece in the Colorado Independent.


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