“Looking for clues to Supreme Court’s final rulings in Ginsburg’s good mood”

As I’ve noted, RBG is “notorious” for dropping clues about upcoming forthcoming SCOTUS rulings. Bob Barnes reads the tea leaves.

The Justice also talked about her celebrity status:

Liu showed slides of T-shirts celebrating the Notorious RBG, as the popular Tumblr account has dubbed her. Another says “You Can’t Spell Truth Without Ruth.”

 “It’s amazing,” agreed Ginsburg, who was 60 when she joined the court. “An icon at 82.”

Ginsburg said law clerks had to explain that her new nickname was based on the late rapper the Notorious B.I.G., but she noted that they were both “born and bred in Brooklyn.”

Next month the opera “Scalia/Ginsburg,” based on her relationship with her friend and antagonist Justice Antonin Scalia, will get its premiere. And she talked about an upcoming movie that will star Natalie Portman and focus on Ginsburg’s work as a crusading feminist lawyer. At its center will be a gender discrimination case she took on with her late husband, Martin Ginsburg.

Portman told the justice that the project was briefly delayed, Ginsburg said, because the actress had insisted that the director be a woman.


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