“Federal Election Commission Can’t Post Data on its Website in a Timely Manner”

Michael Barone gets impatient

For what it’s worth, I understand that FEC data is quite important, and I understand that it’s important to have said data timely.  But I actually don’t understand the policy necessity for getting July-September FEC data within 24 hours of the deadline for reports to be submitted.  Yes, I know that this is the Online Age, and I also twitch (and curse my pathetic excuse for an Internet provider) when it takes my browser more than 3 seconds to load.  But it seems to me that we’ve mistaken the fact that most news is instant for a need to have most news be instant.  I notice it particularly when people demand accurate election returns the instant the polls close, and cry foul when a thorough count takes a bit longer to complete.  And if we could all stand to relax just a bit for the final electoral count, surely that’s true of a third-quarter finance report.  Beyond the notion that we might have to figure out other ways to occupy our curiosity, where’s the fire?


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